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There are more people in slavery
than ever before in history.
But we are setting people free.
Nvader is a dangerous force for good, invading
places of darkness to bring freedom and hope.
nvader freedom from sex trafficking


Nvader has a new ally

Last year we rescued 40 victims of human trafficking, facilitated the prosecution of 14 offenders, and communicated the extent of sex trafficking to thousands of New Zealanders.  To keep the momentum going and to rescue more women and children we are expanding our operations.  In 2014 Nvader is advancing its battle against one of the greatest injustices of our century by joining forces with our key ally – TEAR Fund.

TEAR Fund is a relief and community development organisation and will be helping to raise support for Nvader in New Zealand.  This will ensure that Nvader can focus on rescuing more women and children from slavery and bringing the oppressors to justice.

Donations will now also be tax-deductible in New Zealand, meaning New Zealand donors will be able to get 33% of their yearly contribution back.  To take advantage of this, simply visit our donate page.

To kick-off our new partnership TEAR Fund will be launching a hard-hitting anti-trafficking initiative.  We invite you to get behind this and continue to support Nvader’s work on the frontlines.

Daniel Walker